Annie Nole from Peru in Barcelona

posted 2019-07-13

Annie Nole from Peru in Barcelona

written by Gaets Krop
Posted 13/07/2019

As if the WRG Barcelona 2019 wasn’t enough for our ambassador Annie Nole, we’ve decided to shoot some before her flight back to Peru. We woke up at 6 AM to meet on skates at 7 AM and bring you some extra flavour of Annie in Barcelona. I can easily say is that I’ve rarely seen such motivation and positivity.

We begin the session at Marbella Skatepark. After some warm ups in the bowl and morning vibes conversations, we move directly to the ledges and rail section.

Annie Nole - Back Unity at Marbella Skatepark

The next spot is around the Forum of Barcelona. It's a rounded ledge that requires more focus and energy, Annie doesn't hesitate long before trying Soul and Acid. The rain will come but we keep shooting as long as possible.

Soul at the ledges of Forum

Enjoying the morning rain

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