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Jacky Schrooten

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Self introduction

My name is Jacky Schrooten, I'm 19 years old and I'm a professional rollerblader. I skate most often in Amsterdam's museumsquare or Olympia plein and street of course. And Rotterdam's Skateland or street. I skate mostly twice a week but that depends on how much time I have.

How did you begin ?

When i was young my bigger brother used to rollerblade and one time me and my mom went to the park to pick up my brother and i fell in love.

What else do you do ?

Not really, i love other sports but i just don't have time to focus on them.

Do you have projects going ?

I am the coördinator of a really big competition in the Netherlands called Pro Freestyle. So i'm the one who's inviting the people and takes care of everything around the competition.

What do you want to share with Unlabelled ?

I love the fact that we support women so much because we as women are underrated. We deserve more attention in sports and we should be treated as everybody else.

What do you like in contests ?

I honestly don't care about getting first place, I just love rollerblading and everything around it. The people I compete and spend time with and the nerves you get before the competition. I am happy when I show a good run and the most important. That I had fun.

Did you win contests or awards ?

I've participated in a lot of comps, I'm the current Dutch champion. I won the Real Street Nurnberg, 4 stops of the mini ramp masters, Rotterdam Invitational, Shred cologne and the Park Battles. At the Winterclash my best results were 4th and 5th in the last 2 years, and I've been a lot second or third. But that's waaaay too much to put them all down.

Who support you ?

Razors Skates, Ground Control Frames, This Is Soul Skateshop