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Self introduction

I'm 20 years old and come from Antwerp. At the moment I live in Bruges where I study 'Sports and Movement' because I'm very interested in coaching, health and functional anatomy. My biggest passion is rollerblading but I'm also into downhill longboarding, skateboarding, biking and snowboarding. I love my soulmate, kids, nature, traveling and most of al, rolling. I usually skate at Fitopia skatehall or Truespin skatepark. I used to skate 3 times a week when I was younger, now I'm happy if I can already skate once a week.

How did you begin ?

I started blading in my hometown together with my bigger brother and my neighbours. We also did a lot of bladecamps together.

What else do you do ?

Yes, i'm moving my ass all day

Do you have projects going ?

I'm founder and project manager of "Skate 4 Kids" and founder of Blading.be. I keep both their instagram accounts and a facebook page of Skate 4 Kids.

Who support you ?

My parents


What do you like in contests ?

Competitions are all about getting together from all over the world. Taking a win is an extra cherry on the pie. DO IT FOR THE LOVE

Did you win contests or awards ?

Rotterdam Invitational 2014 - 2nd Girls
Shred Cologne 2014 - 2nd Girls
Hamburg Xmas jam 2013- 2nd Girls
Winterclash 2013 - 6th? place Girls 
Winterclash 2016 - 10th place Girls

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